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Kayak | 10' Ripple Kayak

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Comfortable, Entry-Level Touring, The Ripple Kayak is versatile, suitable for beginners and designed for long distances and gear. The Ripple, our most stable kayak, features one of the largest cockpits in the industry (48" x 18.5"), giving it the open feeling of a sit-on-top kayak without losing the comfortable seat or safe enclosure for three-season paddling. The cockpit is deeper than most kayaks, which will help keep you dry in windy conditions or from motorboat wakes.

A roomy back hatch gives this boat storage space for camping and fishing gear and is easily turned into a watertight bulkhead as an upgrade. The V-shaped keel allows for good responsiveness out on the water and enables the Ripple to track straight in all water conditions, making this the perfect kayak for lake or river paddling with gear or for those looking for a bit of extra stability.

Paluski Boats has been manufacturing high-quality and durable canoes, kayaks and paddles since 1980. Our boats are 100% Canadian-made. We provide a Limited Lifetime Warranty because we manufacture products we know will last.

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